New developments as described below will be needing individual release each day as all of the development won’t finish together on the same day. To avoid back to back release we will shift our regular release date to 8th December from 6th December.

New Developments
  • Only marketplace notifications will have sounds.
  • ClevarTap InApp notifications crash bug
  • Thermal Printer Integration
  • TopUp deactivate after 12 AM – To reactivate OTP verification will be needed
  • Auto unpublish case of Payment Link
  • New Table in Database (PartnerID,UseDays,Firstuse,Lastuse)
Bug Fix
  • Due Tracker Bug Fix
In Progress
  • External Deeplinks
  • Subscription Journey Improvement
  • Reconciliation Process of Subscription Price
  • NEO Banking
  • eCom
    • Security Task
    • Order Management
    • Webstore
    • Inventory List Feedback