sManager Version:
Release Note Sprint 15
Hope you are doing well.
We would like to inform you that we have released the below features of sManager version to 30% of our users:
If there is no crash within two days we will increase the rollout to 70%. After that, if there is no crash within the next two days we will release a 100% rollout.
If there are any crashes within the above-mentioned segments we will fix those issues and start the rollout process from 10% again.
     New Developments
  1. Digital Collection – Version 2
    • Payment link service charge commission paying person selection option.
    • Service Charge communication.
    • Communication Improvement for the type of Payment Link (Quick link & Custom link)
    • Digital Collection FAQ
    • Latest transaction history
    • Latest custom link list
    • All custom link list with active & Deactivate filter
    • All transaction list
    • Introduction of new UI & UX
  1. Facebook Standard Events for sManager android application
  2. Facebook Deeplinks to utilize Facebook catalog sale
  3. Facebook Pixel Setup for –
  4. Moving to directory
  5. New Package page launched for
  6. Subscription Duration Modification – We will be able to increase or decrease sManager user’s active subscription duration
  7. New Vendors for OTP Onboard- ROBI and SSD-Tech
  8. New Operator in TopUp – Skitto
  9. E-com:
    1. Single product link share on WhatsApp text upgrade
    2. Subdomain/URL generate issues solved
    3. Delivery fee limit set to 5 digits, max 99999tk
    4. During order from end-user, OTP code restricted to numbers only
    5. Product adding description can have line breaks now
  10. Inventory:
    1. After adding a product, a successful dialogue show issue has been solved.
      Bug Fix
1.  Major Crash Releases – Version