Hope you are doing well.
We would like to inform you that we have released the below features of sManager version to 50% of our users:
     New Developments
  1. Finance can now work with “request Approve All” and will be able to reject when a withdrawal request is in “Approval pending” status. (Only Finance have this access)
  2. The finance user will also be able to add a reject note from now on. But the reject reasons will be vetted and added to the admin from the Product team.
    Note: for now this reject will not be shown to our app, as we had an urgency from the Finance team we deployed this to admin. But development works to show this in-app is ongoing
  3. Decimal option added to product discount option


  1. Online store preview redirects to web browser now instead of in-app, as in-app 3 share buttons weren’t working.