sManager Version: Release Note Sprint 25

Hope you are doing well.
We would like to inform you that we have released the below features of sManager version to 50% of our users.

If there is no crash within two days we will increase the rollout to 70%. After that, if there is no crash within the next two days we will release a 100% rollout.
If there are any crashes within the above-mentioned segments we will fix those issues and start the rollout process from 10% again.
     New Developments
    1. Security message showing and communication improvement when a consumer tries to pay using sManager
    2. Subscription-based digital collection transaction fee backend – Now we will be able to configure the payment link commission Subscription package wise from the admin panel.
    3. Improvements regarding the details of the transaction in partner portal and access from partner portal
    4. Preferred routing path -EMI (all banks Directed to SSL as we do not have port wallet)


  1. Online Store Product Discount Bug Fix
  2. Crashlytics