sManager Version: Release Note Sprint 27

Hope you are doing well.
We would like to inform you that we have released the below features of sManager version to 30% of our users.

If there is no crash within two days we will increase the rollout to 50%. After that, if there is no crash within the next two days we will release a 70% and 100% rollout accordingly.
If there are any crashes within the above-mentioned segments we will fix those issues and start the rollout process from 10% again.
     New Developments
    1. Subscription-based payment link fee modification – We can now configure payment link commission subscription package-wise.
    2. CleverTap Events for Digital Collection and Due Tracker
    3. The version number in splash screen
    4. sDelivery


  1. Subscription push notification bug fixed
  2. Crashlytics