sManager Version: Release Note Sprint 35

Hope you are doing well.

We would like to inform you that we have released the below features of sManager version to 20% of our users.

If there is no crash within two days we will increase the rollout to 50%. After that, if there is no crash within the next two days we will release a 70% and 100% rollout accordingly.
If there are any crashes within the above-mentioned segments we will fix those issues and start the rollout process from 10% again.

     New Developments
  1. On Registration Default Package has been changed to Ultra Monthly
    – New Welcome Screen has been Added
  2. Compliance
    1. Check Box in “I agree in terms & Condition” while registration
    2. sManager Reset Password button in admin panel
    3. Digital Collection – Quick link and its Functions hide
  3. Subscription
    1. Package Auto-Renew enable/disable button
    2. Package Renewal POP-UP notification
  4. Digital collection: Payment reason changed to Product info(placeholder communication change)
  5. eCom
    1. Delivery with paperfly order details has Merchant ID and Order ID to track any issue with Paperfly easily.
    2. Order SMS content improvement.


  1. Crashlytics
  2. Due Tracker Image Upload bug